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European Remote Radio Laboratory is a "remote laboratory education" project funded by the European Commission under the Leonardo Da Vinci program. It has been realized with contributions from eight academic institutions in seven different countries. The aim of ERRL project is to provide remote access to high-technology radio communication laboratory devices over the internet. Users from different parts of the world are able to perform web-based experiments by using their own computers any time and any where.

The rapid growth of the telecommunication industry and the wide-spread use of communication networks has significantly changed the carrier programs related to high-frequency technology. Due to these advances the demand for technical personnel has increased increased in the field of telecommunications and radio communications. On the other hand, individuals working in related areas (engineers, managers etc.) starting to feel the need to improve their qualifications in radio communications field.

ERRL has been developed to serve the colleges and engineering departments that teach radio communications and also the technicians and engineers who wish to improve their qualifications. ERRL provides remote access through internet and is open for 7 days and 24 hours. With ERRL, users in different knowledge levels, can utilize special laboratory devices and experiment setups remotely and with no limitation in time and location.

ERRL serves in different languages. Experiments and course contents has been prepared for three different levels in accordance with the European Unions EQF standard. The requirements of educational programs in Turkey and the demands telecommunication sector has also been considered during the preparation process. Facilities have been provided to learners to let them choose their own learning styles. ERRL is unique in that it is the first remote telecommunications and radio systems laboratory.

ERRL has been carried out and accomplished by the radio communication system specialists and remote training specialists in Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department and Software engineering Department of Atilim University. Many individuals and institutions in Turkey and in various parts of the world who have used the facilities of ERRL have expressed their positive opinions about its remote laboratory services. The innovative approaches brought about by the ERRL project are very important for providing effective teaching media for the students.

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