Electronics & Communications Laboratory

Electronics & Communications Laboratory provides the students state of the art measurement and test facilities to perform their course experiments, projects and research work.

The laboratory consists of seventeen workstations each of which contains a PC, a color display digital oscilloscope, a function generator, a programmable power supply and a bench type multimeter.

Recording measurements with pencil and paper is a slow and error-prone method. Today computers are used to automate measurements and analyze data. One major aim of The Electronics and Communications Laboratory is to introduce automated test systems to the students. The programmable measurement equipment in Advanced Electronics Laboratory, together with the PC and sophisticated software packages, constitute an automated test and measurement system. All measurement devices are connected to the PCs through GPIB interfaces.

Students can use graphical programming environments such as VEE or Test Point to control the measurement devices from the PC and to transfer test results to the PC automatically. The measurement and analysis results are obtained in a quick and easy manner. This makes it possible to concentrate on the the meaning of the test results rather than the details and greatly enhances learning. In addition, the students acquire the required skills to design and build an automated test system.

The Laboratory also provides practical skills in the diversified fields of Electronic Communication Engineering, starting from the principles of modulation up to the recent concepts of Bluetooth technology. The primary aim is to let students experimentally explore the applications of their knowledge using excellent facilities.

All basic experiments can be performed related to analog and digital modulations, transmitters and receivers. 3GHz spectrum analyzers are also available in the laboratory.

With this laboratory, the students will be able to perform their course experiments, projects and research work connected to Communication Engineering in an effective manner.