Embedded Systems Laboratory

The purpose of this laboratory is to train the students to be familiar with the software and hardware of microcontrollers so that they can gain enough experiences to meet the demand of the embedded systems era. The laboratory is mainly equipped with 12 sets of microcontrollers trainers kits and their peripherals, personal computers and measurement instruments.

In each set, a parallel I/O board, a pressure/strain gauge card, a temperature sensor card and a stepper motor are present in order to teach students how to integrate various hardware with microcontrollers. All PCs are equipped with various software development tools such as assemblers, compilers and simulators and have high speed internet connection. Each set comprises state-of-the-art measuring equipment such as oscilloscope, logic analyzer, signal generator, digital multimeter and power supply.

In addition, digital IC testers, EPROM programmers, EPROM erasers and a network printer are available in the laboratory.

These facilities enable students to build a firm background in microcontrollers hardware as well as software. Students learn about assembly language programming, CPU, memory and I/O design, interfacing of programmable chips and peripherals such as stepper motors, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters etc. They acquire the practical skills sufficient to design and realize basic microcontrollers based systems.