RF and Antenna Laboratory

The goal of Microwave and Antennas Laboratory is to introduce undergraduate/graduate students to basic radio, microwave and antenna equipments, and measurement techniques. It is equipped with the state-of-the art devices including EMC test systems, signal sources, spectrum and network analysers with frequencies ranging from a few MHz to 40 GHz.

Almost all RF and Microwave/Antenna related experiments including some graduate level subjects can be performed in the laboratory. Some of them are;

  •     Frequency/Wavelength Measurements
  •     Power Measurements and Line Attenuation
  •     VSWR Measurements and Transmission Line Impedance
  •     Transmission Line Impedances, Tuning and Use of Smith Chart
  •     The Three-Port Directional Coupler and circulator
  •     Characteristics of microwave components
  •     Dielectric constant & line loss measurements for microstrips
  •     DC biasing and MMIC amplifier investigations for microstrips
  •     Return loss, reflection coefficient and VSWR measurements for microstrips
  •     Antenna Gain Measurements
  •     Power Gain and Beamwidth Measurements
  •     Path Loss and Noise
  •     Radio link and antenna investigations
  •     EMC tests and measurements
  •     Radio channel measurements