International Student Exchange Programs

European Union Countries Student Exchange Program
Atilim EE Department students can pursue a part of their university education in a European university with the support of the European Comission's student exchange program named "Erasmus". The aim of the Erasmus Program is to improve the cooperation among the universities in European Countries and to promote the "European dimension".
Within the scope of bilateral agreements signed by our department, our students can spend a part of their education period in Europe. For a duration of 3 to 12 months part of the student expenditures related to travel, language training and expenditures due to economic unbalances between countries are covered by the European Comission funds.
The aim this exchange is to make the students aware of different cultures, societies and education systems, to develop tolerance for diverse cultures and life styles and to provide better job oppotunities after graduation.
Some of the universities that our students joined so far:

You can visit Atilim University's EU and International Relations Office web site for more information
Student Exchange with Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Atilim University EE Department has signed an agreement with Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) about student exchange between the two Universities. According to this agreement Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis will offer an opportunity for a one-year education to Atilim EE students. Also, Atilim EE students with outstanding performance will be exempt from a considerable part of the tuition.
IUPUI is a campus in Indianapolis city, which is founded by Indiana University and Purdue University which are among the most renowned universities in the world. More information about IUPUI can be obtained from
You can visit Atilim University's EU and International Relations Office web site for additional information.